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Negotiate for settlement, associations urge candidates

CHINESE Assembly Halls from three states, concerned over the tussle for the presidency of the Federation of Chinese Associations Malaysia, or I>Hua Zong/I>, have proposed that the three candidates negotiate for a settlement rather than fight for the post.


Taking vigilance a step too far?

Every community has a big role to play in preventing crime in its neighbourhood. But where does society or the law draw the linebetween vigilance and peeping, especially in curbing incest? SHAILA KOSHY and SYED AZHAR report.


Players take a gamble

Mahjong made headlines last year when 10 players and their friends were arrested for playing at a coffee shop in Kajang, Selangor. They were all fined and imprisoned for one day.


New forex operator licence to be issued following demand

BANK Negara will only issue new licences to foreign money-changing operators according to market needs, said assistant governor Datuk Daud Moin.


Brothers fined over illegal business

Two brothers were fined a total of RM120,000 or two years' jail in lieu by the Sessions Court for running a money-changing business without a licence from Bank Negara.


Illegal diesel ring busted

Police crippled a syndicate dealing illegally in subsidised diesel when they seized more than 50,000 litres of the fuel worth RM100,000 at Kampung Perepat in Kapar near here yesterday - the largest seizure in the country so far.


200 made homeless in two fires

More than 200 people here were made homeless when two fires occurring within hours of each other destroyed a block of two-storey shophouses and a row of houses.


Powerless window

From Wong


Calling Jahir Hussain

Bank Negara is looking for Jahir Hussain Mohamed Ali (passport no: A7632431) to help in investigations under the Money Changing Act.


Manager claims he was beaten up over missing money

After some RM70,000 in several foreign currencies went missing, a group of men allegedly held the manager of a money changing chain and repeatedly battered him.