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Zang Toi shows his support for The Star's moderation campaign

Datuk Zang Toi was recently seen supporting The Star’s moderation campaign by wearing the daily’s T-shirt with message 'Stand Up For Moderation'.


Propelling Malaysia’s moderation to the world

It is not PAS that I am representing nor is it Umno that I am representing here. I am representing GMM. This appointment is an honour, says the new face of Malaysia’s form of moderation on the world’s stage.

Reflecting On The Law

In praise of moderation

Moderation does not mean acceptance of evil. Moderates have a duty to stand up for truth and justice but in a non-violent manner.


Voices of Moderation targets youths

PETALING JAYA: The Voices of Moderation campaign will target youths as the next step in driving moderation among Malaysians.


What do these writers say in Moderation?

A new book gathers the thoughts of prominent figures on Malaysia’s current state and possible future.


Moderation is crucial, say celebs

PETALING JAYA: Celebrities in Malaysia are finding their ways to practise moderation and balanced reasoning.


Chinese daily fights extremism with moderation campaign

PETALING JAYA: The rise in extremist views has left many asking if moderation has lost its value in Malaysia.


Define concept of moderation, officials urged

PETALING JAYA: Malaysian authorities have to define the concept of moderation more clearly for it to gain traction among the public, said media editors in the East Asian region.


‘Let’s hear it from moderation backers’

PETALING JAYA: Providing space to hear the voices of the people and the silent majority is key in the campaign to push for moderation, according to various groups.


Najib: Moderation the way to check extremism

NEW YORK: Malaysia pushed further its moderation agenda on the global stage amid growing concern over increasing violent extremism, religious intolerance and threats of a self-declared Islamic State.