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Ah Long forces borrower to pay RM500 for every 30-minute delay in repayment

KUALA LUMPUR: An insurance agent borrowed money from an Ah Long and paid it back, but he was 90 minutes late.


WeChat pal sets up Taiwanese man for armed thieves

KUALA LUMPUR: A night out with a social media acquaintance turned out to be hell for a Taiwanese man when he was robbed and stripped naked by three assailants.


Salesman hounded by Ah Long despite paying off his debt

KUALA LUMPUR: A salesman cannot shake debt collectors off his back even though he claims to have cleared his dues.


Chong: Ensure your kids not abused by educators

KUALA LUMPUR: Parents are advised to be observant of their children’s well-being to prevent them from being abused by their teachers, says MCA Public Services and Complaints Bureau chairman Datuk Seri Michael Chong.


Clerk turns out to be a thief

KUALA LUMPUR: A supposedly diligent employee who missed lunch breaks turned out to be a thief as her employer found her stealing cheques.


State govt and police urged to clarify PPS’ legal position

KUALA LUMPUR: There needs to be clarity as to whether Penang’s controversial voluntary patrol unit (PPS) is a community services team or plays a security role, too.


Groups duped over trip to Japan

KUALA LUMPUR: A 30-year-old photographer was cheated by a close friend of RM4,000 after being promised a package tour to Japan.


Keep an eye on your wallet, warns Chong

KUALA LUMPUR: If you see a group of women from China, watch your wallet.


Ex-cop fends off pickpocket ring

KUALA LUMPUR: A group of men were caught on camera beating up a former police officer, who had accused them of stealing his wallet on board a Cheras-bound RapidKL bus.


Abandoned family loses home and RM95,000 over man’s debts

KUALA LUMPUR: After spending the last year toiling to repay debts to Ah Long, the lives of kitchen helper Ng Ching Choon, 50, and her children have been turned upside down again with another round of harassment.