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It's back 'in the wilderness' for poor Afghanistan

Poor Afghanistan. It is the forgotten cousin once again. Everyone is talking about Iraq, Palestine and Syria at the OIC meeting but hardly a squeak is heard about Afghanistan.

Non-Iraqis must pay for crimes, too


Non-Iraqis must pay for crimes, too


Saddam rained curses, says Iraqi council member

B>CAIRO:/BIraqi Governing Council member Mouafaq al-Rubayi claimed that former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein swore at him and three other IGC members when met on Sunday, the London-based I>al-Hayat /I>newspaper reported yesterday.

Prayers, tears and anxiety in India

Hundreds of Indian Hindus scattered flower petals at sea and sacrificed chickens yesterday to pray for the safe return of those carried away in a tsunami as strong aftershocks hit some areas.

Agencies struggle to cope with enormity of disaster

Aid agencies struggled yesterday to cope with the enormity of the Asian tsunami disaster which has killed more than 28,000, with the International Red Cross saying it may have to treble its appeal for funds.

Rush to bury tsunami dead

Relief workers raced yesterday to bury decaying corpses amid fears of disease as the death toll in India from Sunday's tsunami climbed above 9,000 and kept rising.

Indonesian death toll tops 36,000

A desperate fight for life was under way in Indonesia yesterday as survivors of a gigantic earthquake and killer waves scrabbled for food among mud and corpses while the death toll shot past 36,000.

Final toll from Thailand's tsunami may reach 6,800

The final death toll from Thailand's tsunami disaster could approach 6,800, Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra suggested yesterday as Western diplomats and Thais scrambled to trace thousands of missing people.

Millions scavenge for food as toll soars to 123,000

Millions of people on Indian Ocean shores scrambled for food and clean water yesterday, as disease, thirst, hunger and panic threatened survivors of the most devastating tsunami on record.