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Healthcare for the ageing and elderly worldwide is turning to robots

It's robots to the rescue, in Japan. Desperate for workers, ageing Japan turns to robots for healthcare and eldercare.


Domestic workers continue to be abused until tougher laws can protect them

Domestic workers will continue to be abused and exploited until Malaysia enacts tougher laws to protect them.


One Woman's Fight Against Pesticides Gets Global Recognition

Receiving a global award for her work with women and pesticides is Sarojeni Rengam, who continues to push for a pesticide-free world.


Protest is not new to civil society in Malaysia

Strides to advance the woman’s cause were made by Malaysian women who persevered, and sometimes marched when all else failed.


Nowhere to go: Making a case for the homeless

The ever-growing number of homeless people highlights the need for a policy that protects their interests and looks after their welfare and security.