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China gives school pupils smart watches to track their location using its satellite navigation system BeiDou

The watches send parents their children’s real-time movements, to within 10 metres. It is the latest application of the country’s self-developed navigation system that aims to rival the American-developed GPS.


Facebook, Google data collection under fire in new US privacy bill

A Republican senator plans to propose a bill that would let consumers block all websites from collecting unnecessary data, a measure that would likely hurt the data-powered advertising businesses of Alphabet Inc’s Google, Facebook Inc, and others.


How big security data is scanning the holiday crowds in China

Four years after tragedy struck in Shanghai, police throughout China are using new technology to keep track of crowds and individuals.


China not to license Pokémon Go, similar games as it weighs security risks

Nintendo's hit smartphone app, Pokémon Go, and other augmented reality games are unlikely to be rolled out in China any time soon, after the state censor said it would not license them until potential security risks had been evaluated.


Globalisation initiative a major boost for ict firms

PETALING JAYA: Over the past year, the increased awareness of the Internet of Things (IoT), e-commerce and cloud computing has prompted many Malaysian businesses to adopt new technological solutions for their day-to-day operations.


Faking of GPS data a growing and potentially lethal danger, expert warns

With a plethora of location-based services hitting the market, GPS appears to be an essential feature in today's digitally driven world. But GPS data can be used to create serious problems if control falls into the wrong hands, an expert warns.


Focus on cyber bullying

MULTIMEDIA University is looking for a candidate keen to pursue a PhD in information technolgy (IT) but the catch is that the area of study is cyber bullying.


The other Yahoo: How protecting its core business doomed innovation

You've heard a lot about Yahoo's failed media ambitions – how it couldn't monetise a show like Community, how it had to sell ads for its NFL live stream on the cheap and how even Katie Couric didn't turn things around for the struggling company.