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Robo-journalism gains traction in shifting media landscape

A text-generating “bot” nicknamed Tobi produced nearly 40,000 news stories about the results of the November 2018 elections in Switzerland for the media giant Tamedia – in just five minutes.


Chinese police shut down army of Internet trolls paid to blitz websites and social media

Authorities in Jingzhou say family-run operation was paid by public relations companies to send hirelings online to shut down negative comment about clients.


China lures chip talent from Taiwan with fat salaries, perks

A huge pay rise, eight free trips home a year and a heavily subsidised apartment. It was a dream job offer that a Taiwanese engineer simply could not refuse.


China’s penetration of Silicon Valley creates risks for startups

Danhua Capital has invested in some of Silicon Valley's most promising startups in areas like drones, artificial intelligence and cyber security. The venture capital firm is based just outside Stanford University, the epicentre of US technology entrepreneurship.


US drone programme taps Apple, passes over Amazon, China’s DJI

Apple Inc soon will be capturing images of North Carolina by drone; a 1,500-pound, unmanned aircraft will look for mosquitoes in Florida; and startup Flirtey will fly medical equipment on drones to heart-attack victims in Nevada.