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Travel Gab: Bolivia's Uyuni salt flat is like a mirror of the sky

Bolivia's Uyuni lake, the largest salt flat in the world, offers an alluring affect that invokes a feeling different from witnessing the Northern Lights, but with no less the impact.


Ten suggestions from Apple Vacations boss to improve our tourism industry

What should the yet-to-be appointed Tourism Minister mark as priorities? Cleaner toilets and efficient services are just some of what should be looked into, according to a ‘to do’ list provided by a senior private sector official.

Asia & Oceania

Does Malaysia have the best public toilets in the world?

Anyone who travels knows that a good public toilet is a reflection of a country’s culture.

Asia & Oceania

Where there are tourists, there are pickpockets

Being on holiday is fun but you must always take extra care of your belongings, no matter where you are.

Asia & Oceania

Travel slogans reflect countries and people, but is Malaysia 'Truly Asia'?

Tourists may find travel slogans don’t always match the reality of the countries they visit. There are many foreigners in Malaysia’s tourism industry, but is this what 'Truly Asia' means?

Asia & Oceania

Amusing observations of an experienced tour leader

In all his years of being in the travel industry, this tour leader has met so many interesting tourists and lived through countless travel experiences. Here are just some of his stories from his latest trip.

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Why being late while travelling might be a good thing

It may be difficult to cope with how fast the world is changing, but we need to adapt to these changes as best as we can, and to find time to pause and reflect.

Asia & Oceania

Has Malaysia been successful in promoting our food overseas?

Is Malaysian food tourism not important enough to be taken seriously? Should the industry not get some much-needed financial boost?


A bowl of rice fills more than a belly

Visiting a foreign country and trying out the local cuisines is fun, but at times, we do yearn for something familiar.