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Life Inspired

Visit Malaysia 2020 to include local version of Bangkok's Chatuchak market

Malaysia Tourism City in Melaka is on its way to becoming the next big tourist destination with plans of becoming a shopping haven, boasting the first Hasbro water theme park and Malaysia's version of Bangkok's popular Chatuchak market.


Finnish what you start: Sort out your rubbish before dumping it

Malaysia has a low recycling rate. To address this, we need to learn from Finland’s campaign to build its circular economy by ensuring its citizens sort their waste at source.


Beletime Danga Bay invited to MRCA 2019 annual conference

As one of the industry’s top leaders, Country Garden Group Beletime Danga Bay representatives were invited to Malaysia Retail Chain Association (MRCA) 2019 Retail Strikes Back annual conference, together with Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and Sunway Shopping Malls as the top three business operators.


Your dream home is within reach

Your dream home now no longer remains just a dream – it is within your reach with EcoWorld’s recently launched HOPE (Home Ownership Programme). This comprehensive and complete home ownership solution offers two methods to start you off on your home ownership journey or for you to own your dream home today.


There is hope for Malaysia's environment



Harnessing unique abilities

Enabling Academy seeks to train people with autism for job placements in partner companies.

Food News

McDonald's near Vatican helps feed the homeless

McDonald's received lukewarm reception when it opened an outlet in the Vatican; now it is feeding the hungry.


Know your rights – even in the fashion industry

The style industry can apparently benefit from legal experts who are familiar with the idiosyncrasies of fashion.


Bauxite mining: Stemming the crimson tide

Today is the start of a three-month moratorium on the mining and transportation of bauxite in Pahang. What do the people caught up in the headiness of the bauxite boom have to say.