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Food News

The Korean way to winning hearts and stomachs

There’s no stopping the Korean invasion on the senses. From hearing their music to watching the TV shows, the purveyor of lifestyle and culture wants people to taste Korean flavours as well.

Food News

Curious Cook: Influencing customers and funny science

The columnist’s observations on how businesses get us to spend money and the findings of some food-related studies.

Food News

Hong Kong actor Julian Cheung is an expert on durian

Hong Kong actor Julian Cheung became a durian expert while shooting Herman Yau's 'The Leakers' in Penang and hopes to one day have a durian named after him as well.

Food News

Media get a taste of kimchi ice cream at Trump-Kim summit in Singapore

Singapore hosting largest media contingent ever for summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Food News

Fine-dining contest puts vegetables in the spotlight

Fifth edition of the world’s only haute vegetarian cuisine competition – where chefs will be challenged to make the plant kingdom the star of the plate – is set to take place in May.

Food News

These are the most followed chefs on Twitter

With more than seven million followers, Jamie Oliver retains the crown as the most popular chef on Twitter.

Food News

Ready, set, go for K-food world domination

Korean tourism banks on PyeongChang Olympics to boost popularity of the country’s food.

Eating Out

'The Shed at Dulwich' was briefly London’s #1 restaurant – except it doesn't exist

A fake restaurant in London was inundated with reservations after a prankster invented the eatery and pushed it to the top of TripAdvisor's ratings.

Food News

Chef Gordon Ramsay shares tips on dining out like a boss

Michelin-starred chef Gordon Ramsay offered some tricks for getting the most out of a restaurant visit.

Food News

Is cauliflower the new kale?

What diners will be eating in 2017: Cauliflower is the new kale, and 2017 will see the renaissance of French cuisine in the US.