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Fan Bingbing slams critics of her charitable efforts

Critics are dismissing Fan Bingbing's recent trip to Tibet as just a ploy to repair her tainted image. The actress, caught in a tax-evasion scandal last year, was ordered to pay 884 million yuan (RM536mil) in overdue taxes and fines.


"A cage of fortune" and other idioms inspired by the pig

The pig might be regarded as a lowly animal but it is still an animal close to the heart of the Chinese, particularly in the olden days. Check out these idioms inspired by this animal.


James Blake, music’s most requested collaborator, assumes his own form

British musician James Blake, music’s most requested collaborator, on his latest album, 'Assume Form', and working with other stars.


Contradictheory: Sedition Act should take the truth into account

Two things could make the controversial Sedition Act fairer: It’s OK if you tell the truth, and it’s OK if you want to stop injustice.

Food News

Beer will get more expensive with climate change

Climate change is poised to make your favourite lager, ale or IPA more scarce and pricey.