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Be honest in assessing city-readiness

Municipalities must deliver effectively on basics before applying to upgrade status.

Indonesia criticises US study concerns over lack of Covid-19 cases

Jakarta: Indonesia has criticised a US study questioning why the world’s fourth most populous nation had not yet recorded a case of Covid-19 (novel coronavirus), calling the findings an insult and insisting that it was on high alert.

PPSMI: Be data driven, not tribal

THE debate about teaching Science and Mathematics in English (PPSMI) is quite typical as far as Malaysian debates go, in that people very often take a position based on their identity.

Three Fiorentina directors fined for insulting referee after match

MILAN (Reuters) - Three Fiorentina directors, including former Italy midfielder Giancarlo Antognoni, have been fined for insulting the referee after their team's 3-0 defeat by Juventus in Serie A on Sunday.