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Are you helping to destroy the world’s forests?

Possibly yes, if you are wearing fabrics made from wood pulp.

Which is more important to Malaysians - Ethnicity or nationality?

Are Malaysians more concerned about their ethnic roots than their nationality? Star2 looks to the people for answers.

Coffee catastrophe looms as climate change threatens arabica plant

Rising temperatures pose serious threat to coffee farmers.

Maude Phipps goes from cosmos to genomes

Maude Phipps, a professor of human molecular genetics, has gone on to become one of the leading geneticists in the country. And her interest in science simply began with a TV documentary.

Colombia to stop fighting coca with glyphosate

Research by the World Health Organization sparks recommendations to suspend aerial fumigations of coca plants.

Ikat shawl, a must-have in Ecuador

The tradition of ikat in the South American country could date back centuries.

The voices of indigenous people must be heard

About 70% of the world’s indigenous peoples live in Asia, and they face challenges in all aspects of their lives.

Amazon people give up their ancestral ways to save the forest

Indigenous people change their ways to protect biodiversity.

‘Money is very important to me’ says Leonardo DiCaprio

Golden Globe-winning actor on the struggle on the set of The Revenant, the love for his mum and why money is very important to him.