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Hope for a new beginning

Seniors too find purpose in life when they make resolutions during the new year.


Getting one million Malaysians to pledge to live well

Nestle embarks on a campaign to encourage Malaysians to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Malaysian billionaire backs RM230mil 'fountain of youth' research

US scientist behind the mapping of the human genome is now looking to uncover the secrets of aging and among his financial backers is Genting’s chief executive.


Eat well, stay fit

More Goodness: Pledge to lead a healthy lifestyle with Nestle’s Lebih Kebaikan, Lebih Nilai campaign.


All for health: 1.6 million M'sians pledge to lead well-balanced lifestyle

Over 1.6 million Malaysians have pledged to lead a healthy lifestyle in Nestlé’s 'Lebih Kebaikan Lebih Nilai' campaign.


When it comes to exercise, start small and work your way up

Fitness celebrity Tosca Reno urges us to make small changes that can snowball into big improvements.


Positive energy: A pledge to lead a healthier lifestyle

Over two million Malaysians have pledged to be healthy through Nestle’s Lebih Kebaikan, Lebih Nilai campaign.


Get a dog - it'll make you healthier

Producers of dog monitor Whistle and tracking product Jawbone team up to quantify how pets can improve health.


Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy — Donald Duck is 80 today!

The world’s most famous pants-less duck is also the world’s oldest and quite possibly, the crankiest.


You, too, can reduce stress just by being 'mindful'

Mindful-Gym is a five-week, group-based programme with weekly three-hour sessions and daily simple self-help exercises for stress reduction.