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Influencers fuelling illegal wildlife trade with exotic pet photos

STAR EXCLUSIVE: PETALING JAYA: First, it was photos of food. Now, the Instagram fame game has grown to celebrities and social media influencers sharing pictures of their exotic pets, many of which are protected wildlife. The Department of Wildlife and National Parks (Perhilitan) and conservationists say this growing trend is fuelling the demand in the illegal wildlife trade.

‘Nothing glamorous about keeping wildlife pets’

PETALING JAYA: There’s no “wow factor” in keeping wildlife as pets as the practice can be dangerous, say wildlife conservation groups.

Beefing up prey for the predators

EXCLUSIVE: PETALING JAYA: There are plans to ban hunting in more areas and cut down on open season for wild boar in a move to conserve wildlife, such as tigers.

Runners and volunteers go all out for awareness of animal conservation

KUCHING: Some 470 runners took part in the Run for the Wild organised by Wildlife Conservation Society Malaysia Program (WCS Malaysia) to show their support for the conservation of orang utans, sharks and rays.

Run to raise awareness on wildlife

KUCHING: The fourth Run for the Wild, organised by the Wildlife Conservation Society Malaysia Programme (WCS Malaysia) and Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus, is now open for registration.

Rare plant rediscovered in Sarawak

KUCHING: Not only is it tiny and peculiar looking, this plant is so rare that it has only been spotted twice in 151 years.

These animal snares are both cruel and criminal

Lots of wire traps just lie in the jungle for animals, waiting to chew off limbs or inflict a slow, painful death.

NGO calls for tighter border controls to curb illegal trade

KUALA LUMPUR: TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network, has called for tighter border controls as it hails the arrest of a major wildlife trafficker by Thai police.

There is hope for Malaysia's environment