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Katz Tales: The art of cats getting along with other cats

Swooner and the neighbour's cat Charlie are close. In fact, their friendship deepened while our pet columnist was away.

60 years after their arranged marriage, their kids gave them a second wedding

Sanibabu and Akkamah were only kids when their marriage took place in 1959. Now, the Malaysian couple's children have given them a second wedding to renew their vows.

Dear Thelma: I’m an adult but my mum still wants to control my life

Thelma helps two daughters having issues with their mothers: "Harassed" says that whatever she wants to do, she has to ask permission from her mum, while "Adopted Daughter" is terrified of her mum who scolds and hits her, and she wants to run away from home.

Unique culinary culture of the Peranakan Chinese of Malaysia

The Peranakan Chinese culinary identity was forged based on the Nyonyas, the matriarchs of the homes. The Nyonya women developed their well-rounded culinary skills and hone recipes that then became tightly-guarded family secrets.