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Tweet treat: Twitter turns newly-opened doughnut shop into viral sensation

On March 9, Billy By tweeted that his father is sad because nobody is turning up at the grand opening of his doughnut shop in Missouri City, Texas. Not for long: Social media helped to turn things around.


Elon Musk unveils his first Los Angeles-area tunnel

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk made a brief public appearance late on Tuesday to unveil the first tunnel completed by the underground transit venture he launched two years ago as an ambitious remedy to Los Angeles' infamously heavy traffic.


Some local businesses discover a surprising customer: Amazon

Renee Plante admits she got a little nervous last year when Inc opened a massive warehouse just a few miles away from the sporting goods shop she manages in the Minneapolis suburb of Shakopee.


GM's Car of the Future preserved for the future

Y-Job, the world's first concept car, is being added to the National Historic Vehicle Register (NHVR).


Air France ad is top YouTube travel video of 2015

Air France holds bragging rights to having the most popular travel-related YouTube video of 2015, having garnered more than 87.9 million hits.


South America's first Apple store opens in Rio

Some 1,700 impatient shoppers lined up for hours Saturday for the grand opening of Apple's store in Rio de Janeiro — the first official outpost in South America.