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Online ‘funeral kits’ help grieving Indians

From providing incense and bamboo stretchers to booking a Hindu priest at the last minute, startups are seeking to cash in on India’s elaborate traditional funeral ceremonies.


YouTube stars urge fans not to show up at their father's funeral service

After a fan released details to plan a meet-up at Ethan and Grayson Dolan's father's funeral, the twins had to make a social media plea asking fans to stay away from the event.


Fido funeral: In Japan, a send-off for robot dogs

The robot dogs lined up in their dozens in Japan were no tech fair display. They were the dearly departed being honoured with their own traditional “funeral”.


Suicide machine draws crowds at Amsterdam funeral show

A controversial suicide pod that enables its occupant to kill themselves at a press of a button went on display at Amsterdam funeral show on April 14.


In Japan, robot-for-hire programmed to perform Buddhist funeral rites

A Japanese company has introduced a new role for SoftBank's humanoid robot "Pepper" – a Buddhist priest for hire at funerals.


Facebook takes on crowdfunding with personal fundraisers

The social networking platform is allowing users to raise money in relation to six types of spending: education, medical, pet medical, crisis relief, personal emergency, and funeral and loss.


Pomp and decorum: US colleges say no to graduation 'selfies'

Ellen DeGeneres snapped "selfies" at the Oscars and President Barack Obama posed for one at Nelson Mandela's funeral, but some US colleges have asked students to keep their cellphones tucked away during graduation season this month when they walk on stage for their diplomas.


From princes to undertakers, Norway's motorists go electric

In Oslo, a funeral home offers the dearly departed a trip to their final resting place in an eye-catching electric hearse, as electric vehicles take over the roads in the Scandinavian country.