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Curious Cook: Figuring out the laksa puzzle

Food columnist Chris Chan examines the different types of laksa like curry laksa, laksa Johor and assam laksa as well as different kinds of laksa leaves.

Tiffin Food Court is back with a bang

Tiffin Food Court is back for the fourth year with a string of temptations from local purveyors including Beard Brothers, Tiki Taka, Seniman Kakao and more.

Fuyoh! Awesome Malaysian breakfasts from each state

We go through a huge number of nasi lemak bungkus, roti canai, kaya toast and soft-boiled eggs every morning. Here are a few other favourite fuyoh breakfasts around the country.

Klang Valley foodies unite! (Updated: Tiffin Food Court has been postponed indefinitely)

Over three weekends in December, Tiffin Food Court will be a playground for gourmands in the Klang Valley. Expect well-known restaurants and great chefs.

Ahong & Friends serve comfort food that doesn’t break the bank

Grub by Ahong & Friends offers incredibly delicious, honest comfort food at wallet-friendly, prices that don't break the bank

A place with a huge impact in the KL food scene

Aragan Yokocho, a sprawling new restaurant is looking to transform the Japanese food scene in Malaysia.

Fine dining and street food clash in KL

Tiger’s Streats pop-up restaurant event pulls the crowd with Hawker Chan and chef Ramsey, uniting the sky and sea.

Famous chicken rice hawker wants to be as big as KFC

A Singapore chicken rice hawker who was awarded one Michelin star in July is seeking an international expansion deal.

Great Malaysian dishes: Wilayah – Nasi lemak

This 'fatty rice' is eaten so regularly and widely all over Malaysia, by all walks of life, that it has become the de facto national dish.

The art of simple Japanese food

Chong Chua Hong spent nearly three decades in Japan, soaking up its culinary goodness and learning how to make simple yet fantastic Japanese food.