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Who should you see for sports injuries and exercise plans?

The medical specialist is trained in the rehabilitation of sports injuries, whether of professional athletes, amateur sportsmen or patients who can benefit from more physical activity.


What to do if you have flat feet

Flat feet are among the most common foot problems for Malaysian children, but many parents may not know how to best manage it.


Flat feet? Hammer toes? You can fix your feet with surgery

Flat feet, bunions, arthritic joints, hammer toes – all these foot problems can be fixed surgically, something many people may not be aware of.


Tips on avoiding common exercise injuries

Exercise injuries are common, especially to the lower back, knees, and feet and ankles, but you can take certain steps to avoid them.


Do you know what type of shoes are best for you?

The right pair of shoes can go a long way in safeguarding the health of your feet.


Both feet firmly in the market

SOMETIMES getting back on your feet requires more than just a morale booster; it needs the right arch support, literally.


You may be picking your running shoes wrongly, and risking injury

Here are science-based ways to selecting a pair of running shoes that will help you achieve your running goals and reduce your risk of injury.


Putting its best foot forward

VISITORS to the MyOrtho Feet for Life 2017 event at Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur were educated on foot health.


Are your child’s legs normal?

In growing children, limb deformities of the legs are not uncommon.