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'Escape room' games have become a runaway hit across Europe

Even museums are using the 'escape game' experience to tell local history and highlight local attractions.

Traditional Malaysian local fruits are going extinct

Traditional local fruits like salak, setar, mentega, rokam manis, bidara, sentul and many others are in danger of being phased out as imported fruits become more popular.

Where to get the best D24 and Black Thorn durians in Malaysia

Farmers Ocean Chua and Leow Cheok Kiang now officially have the best D24 and Black Thorn durians in Malaysia after nabbing the top spot in the Bangi Golf Resort's World Durian Championship: Malaysia Edition 2019.

Which country in the world has the best brand?

A country is usually rated by wealth, population and other easily measurable factors. But what about more intangible things, like how it is perceived by people?

How Korean fried chicken become so popular

Korean fried chicken has become incredibly popular since it was first introduced in South Korea in the 1990s with many Korean fried chicken outlets now popular in Malaysia.

Rihanna's stunning 'Yellow Queen' dress on exhibit in Singapore

The Asian Civilisations Museum in Singapore, in a collaboration with Guo Pei, presents, for the first time, art through couture in a juxtaposition of masterpieces created centuries apart.

Fjord to fork: The tale of the Norwegian fjord trout

The Norwegian fjord trout grows in Norway's cold fjordlands and is a very popular fish in Malaysia, as Malaysia is one of the top 10 trout export markets.

Zoom into the charming Jing’an when in glitzy Shanghai

If you're ever in Shanghai for a holiday, extend your trip by just a day or two to explore the area of Jing’an on foot. The sights are rewarding.

Dos and don'ts for bird lovers wanting to keep Gouldian finches as pets

With their brightly coloured feathers, Gouldian finches are some of Australia's most spectacular birds. Their quiet song and relatively easy upkeep have made them popular pets.

Delicious truffles from the Libyan desert

Extracted by hand without the aid of animals from the heart of the hot, harsh Libyan dessert, desert truffles are a hot commodity around the world.