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Exercise for the brain

The therapeutic properties of exercise is well supported by a substantial amount of research.


Where exercise is the prescription

THE BENEFITS of regular exercise go beyond burning calories, it also assists in treating and preventing non-communicable diseases.

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Addicted to exercise

We are all familiar with the benefits of exercise, but overdoing it can yield some pretty debilitating results, especially on ones social life. This writer shares how her addiction to exercise nearly ruined her vacation.


Debunking myths: Any exercise counts for good health

PETALING JAYA: Many people think that whatever little exercise they fit into their schedules should be enough for maintaining health.


Exercise medicine fast gaining traction

KUALA LUMPUR: Exercise medicine, which is increasingly gaining acceptance in Malaysia, has the potential to reduce the risk of contracting non-communicable diseases (NCDs), according to medical specialists.


The right exercise to stop urinary leakage

CHOOSE your exercise regimen carefully to avoid urinary leakage.

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Exercise suitable for young and old

THE Perak 18 Styles Taiji-Qi Gong Exercise Association is coming up with a Bahasa Malaysia recording of the styles and steps for the first chapter of tai chi-qi gong exercise to ease non-Chinese speaking learners into the activity.

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Various agencies to join in disaster simulation exercise

JOHOR BARU: About 700 personnel and people from various agencies will take part in a two-day disaster simulation exercise at five locations in Pasir Gudang from Oct 21 to 22.


Exercise clinics gaining traction

FOLLOWING the launch of its MS New Symphony Exercise Clinic, Monspace Multinational Corporation is partnering with two companies in Europe and the United States to add further value to the services offered.


Maria seeks leave to challenge EC’s redelineation exercise

KUALA LUMPUR: Bersih 2.0 chairman Maria Chin Abdullah is applying to the High Court for leave to initiate judicial review proceedings to challenge the Election Commission’s redelineation exercise.