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Beneficial polyculture

By taking cues from nature, you can cut down on insect damage, diseases and other problems that often plague food gardens.


Killing one to save the other

Thousands of barred owls to be sacrificed to save the northern spotted owl.


How to garden without a garden

INSPIRED by TV food personalities such as Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Jamie Oliver, grow-your-own fever is spreading far and wide. And it is not the typical retirees who are hoisting hoe and shovel to toil the soil, but young urbanites.


Grow, with these books

THESE booklets, published by the Consumer Association of Penang, will help you get started on your home garden.


An end to a slurpy delight

With the shark fin ban, a slice of Asian culture ends in California.


Shark haul

Indonesia and India are the world’s biggest catchers of sharks, based on an European Union-backed probe into implementing a new pact to protect seven threatened species of sharks and rays.


Count your carbon emissions

It makes business sense for companies to measure their carbon emissions, report it, then reduce it.


Shunning fossil fuels

Students lobby against climate-unfriendly investments.


River clean-up remedies

A river will be clean only if nothing fouls it up in the first place.


Environmental effects: It's our doing

Scientists confirm that human activity will further warm the Earth, leading to dramatic effects on weather, sea levels and polar ice cover.