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To save the Malayan tiger, poachers could be shot on sight

Malaysia’s Wildlife and National Parks Department is on the front lines of the struggle to stop poachers and smugglers from driving our wildlife into extinction. Its director-general speaks exclusively to The Star about measures he is taking to stem the tide.


Say you love someone (and Mother Earth) the green way on Valentine’s Day

Giving a tree will last much longer than flowers. Cook organic meals. Go outdoors. Use recycled materials to make cards. Most of all, love is about memories, not collecting stuff.


For peat’s sake!

Swamp forests provide us with many valuable but hidden services, including water supply, flood control, haze prevention, food and tourism.


Meet the lady with a Jumbo mission

We have our own version of National Geographic in Borneo, where one passionate woman is working to save the elephants.


Children exposed to toxic pesticides

A study shows that several children from agricultural areas in France have been exposed to harmful chemicals.


Extending a helping hand to the sun bears

A volunteer’s wild experience at a sun bear rescue and rehabilitating facility.


Risk of extinction for monarch butterflies

Do monarchs butterflies' woes signal broader problems?


Sun bears: At home in the forest

At a rescue facility in Sabah, sun bears, once kept in cramped cages, now get to live the way they were meant to.


Not extinct, yet: Survival tactics of a butterfly

The quino checkerspot butterfly has made surprising changes to its 'lifestyle' in order to survive in today's world.


Why the interest in vertical farming?

Some facts to explain architects' interest in 'vertical farming'.