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Fake Balik Pulau durians

GEORGE TOWN: Durian lovers are getting a thorny deal over the so-called Balik Pulau durians promoted in Penang as many could be “fake”.

Liow: We’re working to export durians directly to China

KUALA LUMPUR: Fresh durians will be exported to China at the end of the year.

Chilled durians raise a stink

MELBOURNE: Building security and emergency staff in Sydney have raised a stink about a trial consignment of Malaysian chilled durians shipped to the Harbour City, mistaking the pungent fruit’s smell for a gas leak.

Choo shows his weakness for durians at hotel do

IN all his travels abroad, Datuk Jimmy Choo concedes there will be moments when he suddenly develops a yearning for Malaysian durians.

Oversupply of durians bring joy to King of Fruits lovers

THE hot weather has resulted in a bountiful harvest of durians in Perak. But instead of avoiding the fruit often associated with “heatiness” in this sweltering weather, durian lovers are rejoicing as the King of Fruits reigns over almost every fruit stall in sight.

Durians with ‘oomph’ factor

The best-tasting hybrid durians in the world are grown in Balik Pulau here, a durian orchard owner from Kedah declared after tasting the I>Tuhan Kasi/I(God sent) variety.

Local durians gaining popularity

KUCHING: Sarawak's local durians are gaining popularity among people from the peninsula as well as foreigners.

Export of frozen durians to China set to spike

PUTRAJAYA: Malaysia’s export of frozen durians to China is set to double this year, said Deputy Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Minister Datuk Chua Tee Yong.

Sydney folk await durians

PETALING JAYA: Sydneysiders will be the first in the world to taste the closest equivalent to fresh durian – chilled durians.

Farmers tying durians to tree trunks to protect them

To protect prized durians from cracking open as they ripen and fall from trees, farmers in Balik Pulau here tie the fruits to tree trunks with raffia string.