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Agency seeks proposals for driverless public transport

WILL autonomous vehicle (AV) technology solve the perennial shortage of bus drivers? Will taxis of the future no longer disappear just before midnight?


Driverless shuttle bus to take to Dutch public roads in world first

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - An electric, driverless shuttle bus will take to the Dutch public roads on Thursday, rolling six passengers along a 200 metre (yard) stretch of road in the first trial of its kind worldwide.

AseanPlus News

Baidu gets the green light

Beijing: Chinese internet giant Baidu Inc is set to gain a big advantage in its race with US tech leaders in the driverless vehicle sector after a local government in East China’s Anhui province gave the green light to the setting up of a centre to test the vehicles.


Driverless car in Singapore collides with lorry, no injuries

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - A self-driving car being tested on Singapore public roads collided with a lorry on Tuesday, the city-state's transport regulator said, adding that no one was hurt.


All aboard! Singapore now to try out self-driving buses

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Singapore signed an agreement on Wednesday to start testing self-driving buses, as the city-state pushes ahead with its vision of using autonomous technology to help deal with the challenges posed by its limited land and labour.


Student accepted into top varsities

GETTING an offer to study at a world-renowned university is a dream come true for high school graduates. So, when Lim Jia Yi received three offers from Harvard, Stanford and Trinity College at the University of Cambridge, she was overjoyed.


Let’s control the AI we’ve unleashed

The world needs a treaty to control the technology and rein in an existential risk.


Dilemma in global education

EDUCATION is about empowering the next generation in support of the future well-being of a nation. But today that future is increasingly becoming an unfathomed space of unknown challenges. And the murky political situation, both within Malaysia and overseas does not help, either. And that, in a nutshell, is the dilemma facing educationists, including governments.