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Animals 25 Sep 2019 | 6:00 AM

Dog Talk: Why your pet will bury its bone treat somewhere, anywhere

Dogs have been domesticated pets for thousands of years, but their nature will not stay buried even if their bone treats do.

Animals 19 Sep 2019 | 6:00 AM

Shush! How to stop your dog from barking incessantly

Frequent and unwanted barking is often unconsciously trained, but pet owners can do something about it.

Animals 19 Aug 2019 | 6:00 AM

Banish boredom – find a hobby for your dog

A dog's destructive and disruptive behaviours are often its way of saying “find me something useful to do!”, according to pet behavioural experts.

Animals 02 Aug 2019 | 5:05 AM

Dog Talk: A game of cat and mouse with a cunning hound

Our columnist, out looking for her missing cat, is given a right royal fright when her neighbour's dog creeps up from behind her like a ninja.

Animals 24 Jun 2019 | 5:04 AM

Superstition says black dogs bring bad luck but that couldn't be further from the truth

Over time, black animals became the poster pets for evil. And by the 1580s, writers like Shakespeare began to use the image, coining expressions like black curse, black intentions and black soul – all meaning evil. However, it is mere superstition that black pets bring bad luck.

Animals 21 Jun 2019 | 5:47 PM

Why dogs love to roll on the grass

Dogs roll in the grass because it feels good - and also to share the scent.

Animals 17 Jun 2019 | 6:00 AM

How to avoid getting bitten by a dog

Dogs have personal space, too. Just as you and I wouldn't rub noses when we meet each other for the first time, we shouldn't do that with dogs, either. Let the dog initiate the contact. If we reach toward them, stare them down or lean over them, dogs may see that as a threat.