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Curious Cook: Risk and microlives, Part 2

The columnist looks at how microlives can be used to determine human life spans, calculated by everything from what we eat to where we live.

Curious Cook: The peculiar case of food allergies

Food columnist Chris Chan discusses why and how people develop allergies to crustaceans, peanuts, eggs and other foods, detailing links to house mites, lack of sun exposure and lack of food exposure in babies.

This burger is clinically proven to cause nightmares

Burger King claims its ‘Nightmare King’ burger with bacon, chicken and beef in a green bun can cause spooky dreams.

Curious Cook: A quiet month of denialism

Columnist Chris Chan discusses a curious response that is crucial in the dietary habits of people – if humans did not have this response, it would be impossible for many people to enjoy many foods.

People are taking this food up their nose for a buzz

A supplement company in Orlando, Florida, has come up with an 'infused cacao snuff' for adults that promises to give you a 30-minute buzz.

Oh no, someone made a latte in an avocado shell

The latest trend involving avocado involves pouring lattes into emptied half-shells.

You can’t eat these burgers, but you can wear them

Japan's fake food are more appetising than the original and now, we can wear them.