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Herb that could make you live longer

Scientists are researching a Siberian herb they say may help extend life.


Clinical hypnosis: myth or medicine?

With so many movies perpetuating misconceptions about hypnosis, it is time to put the record straight.


Beating fatigue

We all battle with post-workout tiredness once in a while, but when it happens every time, something is wrong.

Movie Review

Psiko Pencuri Hati

The film chronicles the efforts of crime novel writer O. Sidi (Bront Palarae, of Bunohan fame), who suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder (get it?) and who’s trying to finish his latest novel, which is inspired by a real-life serial killer the press has dubbed “Psiko Pencuri Hati” (which roughly translates as the “psycho thief of hearts”).


Passing of an iconoclastic artist – Tan Tong (1942-2013)

His body might have been frail but on canvas, he was a colossus of strength and creative energy.


Herbal products contain too many unlisted ingredients

A new Canadian study claims that the majority of natural health products contain unlabeled ingredients, such as fillers or herbs.


Can baking make you happy?

While baking is not a cure for depression, it does help lift one’s mood.


Home(land) is where the heart is

Damian Lewis talks about failure, family and being caned at Eton.


Asia Fashion Week is on

Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi to host Mercedes-Benz’s inaugural Asia Fashion Week.


Smooth criminals

The story of Bonnie and Clyde is worth telling again, says Emile Hirsch.