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Understanding depression: Why we need to snap out of the stigma

1 in 3 Malaysians struggle with mental health issues, with depression being the most common condition. If we're going to stop more depression-related suicides, everyone needs to get over the stigma and tackle this silent killer together.


That blow to your head could trigger depression

IS there a link between traumatic brain injury (TBI) and depression? Would the treatment for depression in someone with a TBI be different from treatment for depression without this sort of injury?


Depression: Sad hearts lead to bad hearts

Depression increases heart failure risk by 40%, and reducing stress that triggers depression may improve outlook.


You are 5 times more likely to die if you have depression

Depression increases risk of death in heart failure.


Depression can hit mothers even before baby comes

Women can suffer depression and anxiety while being pregnant. Here are signs to look out for.


4 factors that make women more prone to depression than men

There are various factors that contribute to depression in women, and certain hormonal changes unique to women is one of them.


Depression, the loneliest place to be

In the aftermath of Robin Williams’ suicide, most probably due to depression, we talk to a young man of his own experience with the illness.


Postpartum depression is real, though not often recognised

Struggling new mothers need to reach out for help, as we mark May as Postpartum Depression Awareness month.


Adding therapy to meds may speed depression recovery for some

For people with depression, adding cognitive therapy to treatment with medication helps quicker remission and recovery, according to study.


Depression: Early sign to Parkinson’s disease

If you suffer from depression you may have a significantly greater risk for Parkinson’s disease, say researchers. Depression is also linked to be an early indicator of Parkinson's.