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Johor calls for probe on ‘pet’ beans

The Johor state government has called for an investigation into possible environmental hazards posed by 'Mexican jumping beans' - a new 'pet' in the form of seeds containing live larvae which make them move.


Too little too long



Showtime in Las Vegas

Besides shopping, gorging on endless buffets and visiting the ostentatious hotels modelled on legendary monuments, lavish theatrical productions and concerts are the top draws of this desert city, reports JOHNNI WONG.


Magic mushrooms?

Mushrooms are being enlisted in the war on cancer, writes LINDA MARSA.


No one spared in scandal inquiry

GREED, stupidity, reckless indifference, dishonesty and deception are among the stunning allegations to emerge from what must obviously be the extraordinary final submission to last week's hearing of an inquiry into Australia's biggest-ever corporate collapse.


Delicious candy colours

SHU UEMURA's latest make-up collection for spring/summer recently launched is BonBon Fluos.


Home is where the heart is

At times, #8220;home#8221; isn#8217;t simply defined as a birthplace or town steeped in childhood memories. Sometimes, it is the place that makes people brave oceans, traverse mountains and cross deserts to finally put their roots down. Pulau Langkawi boasts a large expatriate community who chose to leave their countries for a strange tropical island halfway around the globe. LEONG SIOK HUI spoke to a few in the first of this two-parter.


Dear Jean...

Our mailbox was filled with letters from people who wanted to #8220;date, console or roast#8221; Jean Senthil for her provocative lament about being female and single at 30 (I>Is 30 a Single Number?/I>) last week. We publish a sample of such responses, except those (at last count, six) asking to date her!


The best of the lions

What do world champions have to do with mouldy old mattresses? In Muar, ANDREW SIA discovers that they can be strange bedfellows . . .


Enter the demons

The North-East is knowBy feng shui experts as the Demon Gate and DR ONG HEAN-TATT postulates that this could be linked to the fact that cosmic radiation enters the Earth from the polar region.