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Big Smile, No Teeth: Now is the time for action against climate change

Why are there still debates about climate change? Why are we not actually already doing something concrete about the most pressing problem the world is facing, wonders Big Smile, No Teeth columnist Jason Godfrey.

Climate change – the real world threat

What is scarier than aliens invading our planet? Climate change, that’s what.

Ignore climate change at your own peril

Leonardo DiCaprio comes out with a compelling movie about climate change

Climate change refugees: A global crisis is looming

Climate change refugees are becoming an ever more serious problem with rising sea levels, expanding deserts and greater floods. The world has to change how it deals with problems of such forced migration.

Don't wake the Trump 'bear' at UN climate change talks

The United States could hijack the UN climate change meeting in Germany this week if Donald Trump goes through with his fossil fuel solutions talk.

Solid climate change action plans committed at COP23

A brief summary of action plans set out at the UN climate change conference (COP23).

Battling climate change: China deploys drones over farms

In an effort to make its agriculture resilient in the face of climate change, China is turning to technology.

Climate change: Malaysia is in search of green financing

At a vital meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – COP24, in short – the Malaysian delegation is seeking funding to reduce carbon emissions in the country.

New York sues petroleum companies for climate change damage

New York sues petroleum companies for climate change damage and plans to sell off US$5 billion of its pension funds invested in fossil fuel companies. If others follow this example, it will be a blow to the petroleum industry.

The International Water Grid: A global solution to climate change?

A global, under-ocean grid system that directs river water to deserts offers a multi-prong solution to climate change.