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US$18mil recovered using warrants to access Facebook accounts

New York prosecutors have secured more than US$18mil (RM59.1mil) in a series of fraud cases using warrants to access hundreds of Facebook accounts, a move the social medial firm says was unconstitutional and is still fighting.


Chinese hackers target South-East Asia, India, researchers say

Hackers, most likely from China, have been spying on governments and businesses in South-East Asia and India uninterrupted for a decade, researchers at internet security company FireEye Inc said.


Hacker's Ashley Madison data dump threatens marriages, reputations

Love lives and reputations may be at risk after the release of customer data from infidelity website Ashley Madison, an unprecedented breach of privacy likely to rattle users' attitudes towards the Internet.


Ashley Madison founder e-mails leaked in new data dump

E-mails sent by the founder of infidelity website appear to have been exposed in a second, larger release of data stolen from its parent company, cybersecurity experts confirmed.


Infidelity website's hackers say nobody was watching

Hackers who stole a trove of sensitive data from said "nobody was watching" as they scoured the infidelity website and vowed to release more e-mails from its executives, online technology website Motherboard reported.


Ashley Madison hack sends shivers through hook-up, porn sites

Larry Flynt, a defender of free speech and sexual freedom if there ever was one, has this advice for anyone worried by the hack of infidelity site Ashley Madison: Muzzle yourself.


Major Ashley Madison investor stays faithful to embattled company

A major investor in's parent company said the data breach of its systems was a concern for customers but would not affect his backing of the company.


Two people may have committed suicide after Ashley Madison hack

At least two people may have committed suicide following the hacking of the Ashley Madison cheating website, Toronto police said on Monday, warning of a ripple effect that includes scams and extortion of clients desperate to stop the exposure of their infidelity.


Ashley Madison, parent company sued in US over data breach

Infidelity website Ashley Madison and its parent company have been sued in federal court in California by a man who claims that the companies failed to adequately protect clients' personal and financial information from theft, saying he suffered emotional distress.


Cambodia PM starts to 'like' Facebook as opponents woo voters online

Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen is taking a belated leap into the digital age in a bid to court young, urban voters as he tries to fend off unprecedented competition from the opposition after three decades in power.