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Malaysia among 25 countries that practise discriminatory citizenship laws

Malaysia is just one of 25 countries in the world with discriminatory citizenship laws.Malaysian fathers married to foreign spouses need only to notify the government about children born abroad. Malaysian mothers however need to apply and wait indefinitely.


Malaysia's unequal citizenship laws are leaving families in distress

Malaysia is one of 25 countries that don't allow mothers to pass their citizenship on to their kids on an equal basis as fathers. These discriminatory citizenship laws need to change if Malaysia hopes to empower its women.


Contradictheory: Missing the big picture about immigrants in Malaysia

How Malaysian must you be before getting praised for contributing to Malaysia? People are not seeing the big picture about immigration, which can bring many benefits to a country.


HIV+ couple shows love is resilient in the face of forces against them

He's an ex-junkie, she's a former sex worker, and both Rosli Ismai and Rahayu Rahmat are HIV-positive. But love has brought them together.


Oh my! Sandra Oh is killing it in Hollywood with 'Killing Eve'

After years of playing second fiddle, Sandra Oh slays it in the BBC drama 'Killing Eve', for which she won a Golden Globe for last month.