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Christmas traditions live on in many families

For some families, getting together and observing long held traditions make Christmas all the more meaningful.


Keeping to Bangalorean Christmas traditions in Kuala Lumpur

Indian expat Ruth Isaac and her family adhere to age-old traditions as they celebrate Christmas in Kuala Lumpur.

Food News

6 KL-based foreign chefs' favourite Christmas meals

Although turkey is most commonly associated with Christmas, people around the world eat all kinds of festive food, from hallacas in Venezuela to ravioli di castagne in Italy and chicken isthu in India.


5 best Christmas superhero comics (or worst, you decide)

Join the Ghost of Christmas Comics’ Past to uncover five of the most unusual and the best (or worst, you decide) Christmas superhero stories ever told!


The true meaning of Christmas

There is something magical about a Christmas gathering of family and loved ones.


Jason Godfrey's list of songs to avoid on Christmas Day

Just so you won’t be caught unawares, our columnist screens for the worst Christmas songs ever, narrowly avoiding slamming his head into a desk....

Asia & Oceania

Christmas time in Asean cities is a lot of fun!

CHRISTMAS is coming! Whatever your religion, this is a festive time of year to sit back and appreciate friends, family and the strange pleasure found in the blinking multi-coloured lights. Let’s take a look at some of the delightful things to enjoy during Christmas in the tropics.

Food News

Traditional Kristang favourites for Christmas

Home cook Michelle Nunis learnt how to make heritage Kristang dishes like seybak, Christmas pie, devil curry and rose chicken from her mother, and continues making it for her family's Christmas meal.


Arty Christmas trees at KL shopping mall

Padi, boxes and discarded toys are amongst the items used by six Malaysian artists to reinvent the Christmas tree.


These families have created their own Christmas traditions

Christmas is all the more meaningful when families observe rituals that are uniquely theirs.