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The pros and cons of being an older parent

Getting pregnant and becoming a parent at an older age presents different risks and benefits, compared to starting a family before you hit your mid-30s.

Help, I can't control my pee and it's leaking!

Many women don’t know that incontinence stems from weakened pelvic floor muscles, and live a life of misery with their pee leaking onto their underwear.

Explainer - Roe v. Wade at risk: key facts on legal challenges to U.S. abortion rights

WASHINGTON/NEW YORK (Reuters) - A bill passed by Alabama legislators that would outlaw nearly all abortions in the state is the strictest such measure in the United States. If signed into law, it will face legal challenges and put the focus on the conservative-majority U.S. Supreme Court, the final stop on all roads in the fight over abortion.

Cervical cancer survivor, 49, believes in ‘living gloriously’

In conjunction with Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, we share the story of a cervical cancer survivor and her efforts to raise awareness of this disease.

The Charity of sharing fertility

Although the practice and restrictions are quite variable between countries, the use of donor sperms is subjected to state and professional regulations.

Does the size of your vagina really matter?

The question of genitalia and size is often assumed to be more relevant to men than women, though some women do have concerns about their vagina too.

How doctors look at your internal organs

Doctors can access and look at your internal organs and tissues via an endoscope, which is a sophisticated, long, thin, flexible tube that can be inserted into your body.