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Save those leftovers

WINE has many enemies, including heat, oxygen and bacteria. In our tropical weather, an opened bottle of unfinished wine will 'turn' very quickly.

Jailhouse moonshine

US prison officials struggle to put a cork in inmates#8217; illegal alcoholic brew called pruno, writes RICHARD FAUSSET.

Lessons in love


Bacteria helps gobble up waste in pipes

TELL Philip Leong your kitchen pipe is blocked, and chances are he will whip out his bugs rather than his tool- kit.

Schoolchildren learn to grow tulips

FLOWERS that tend to wilt in Singapore's heat now fill a container garden of West Grove Primary in Jurong West.

The Earth is on its last legs

Scientists have been telling us for some time that Earth is doomed, that the dying sun will balloon out and embrace the planet in the ultimate global warming #8211; but the incineration is at least seven billion years away, and first, it#8217;s going to get very, very cold.

Flesh and blood

Here#8217;s a quick look at blood.

Beneath our feet

MOST people do not realise that 6000km beneath our feet, the temperature is about 5000°C, nearly as hot as the surface of the Sun!

Potential savings in energy use

A Malaysia Energy Centre audit conducted last year in 24 Malaysian-based factories has revealed the potential for reductions in energy costs and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

A fasting retreat in the mountains

In a lofty apartment that opens out to the cool mountain breeze and overlooks the Klang Valley, guests are being led every weekend on a journey to cleanse the body, mind and spirit.