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A hotbed of trouble

IT was the open secret that everyone was aware of, yet did not do anything about.

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Spotlight on football resumption

The German football league starts this weekend but with Covid-19 still a threat, many are questioning the timing of its recommencement.

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Share profits to save the industry

Big tech should be compelled to share advertising revenue or pay for content reuse that is generated by media companies.

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No time to moan

I HAVE started learning Mandarin via an online learning portal. It is a five-week course and at the end of that period, hopefully, I would have learnt 150 words and according to the portal, be able to converse in basic Mandarin.

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The war in our lifetime

NOW this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

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Confusion reigns in absence of clarity

It’s going to be a long and tiresome two weeks but let’s do our part to beat the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Finding honour among our politicians

Despite constant bickering in the political scene, Malaysians have shown maturity and restraint. Politicians must now show integrity in these trying times.

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Jom, let’s go local

Efforts to lure tourists, not just foreign ones, should not just be on the shoulders of the Tourism Ministry. Don’t just depend on travel agents, airlines and hotels as other stakeholders like the local government authorities are equally important.