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Movie Review

Review: The Angry Birds Movie

The Angry Birds Movie takes flight, but never really soars.


Close encounters with beautiful birds in India

While on pilgrimage in India, the writer and his wife also came across many varieties of beautiful birds.


Want more birds in your garden? Stop gardening so much

Humans may like a close-cut lawn, trimmed hedges and a huge terrace, but these are a turn-off for garden birds, as well as them bugs that feed them.


'The Angry Birds Movie 2': Formulaic flock of fun

A flock of feathery but formulaic fun, 'The Angry Birds Movie 2' doesn't even pretend to be based on the video game anymore.


Will The Angry Birds Movie get you back on the game?

Mobile gaming smash Angry Birds has hit the cinemas with an all-star cast to back it up.


Angry Birds fly into Singapore to teach preschoolers

Developers of Angry Birds, that insane mobile game, has teamed up with a kindergarten in Singapore to make preschool more hit than miss.


Europe’s wildlife laws is for the birds – and it's killing them

There are no elephants or rhino to kill in Europe, but birds are being hunted with impunity because of loopholes and inconsistencies in conservation laws.


Monkeys help clear out birds’ nests in airport

Compared with traditional ways of dispersing birds, the new method is eco-friendly and has minimal effect on the birds.


Fledgling bird-watchers give new wings to the study of birds

Youngsters’ interest in birding is piqued through special programmes at their schools.

TSOL - Environment

Research discovers Temiar language’s unique ability to identify birds

New research published in the 'Malayan Nature Journal Special Edition 2017' reveals that the Temiar orang asli group has a unique ability to recognise birds not from what they look like but by what sounds they make.