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Stop sitting so much

The mounting evidence on the health hazards of sitting are troubling, especially for those in careers requiring long hours at the desk.


Amputees put thoughts in motion

Amputees are helping to advance thought-controlled prosthetic technology.


Gaetano Pesce design classics go on sale at Sotheby's Paris

Italian creative known for innovative and contradictory designs.


Gift of hope and mobility

Limbs for Life Prostheses Centre is an initiative to help poor amputees who cannot afford an artificial limb.


Tests to start on ring to prevent pregnancy and HIV

This could be a valuable tool for women, says AIDS research body.


Stick it - with gecko 'glue'

On film: The idea behind Geckskin, a reusable adhesive.


Choosing the right footwear for running

What’s the most important quality in a running shoe? According to experts, it’s comfort.


'World Cup can kill you': Health experts caution fans to keep calm, eat healthy

As anticipation for the World Cup builds, health experts caution football fans to be careful of the sometimes fatal stresses that can come from watching the matches.


The future of medicine is already here

Exoskeletons helping the paralysed to walk; tiny maggot-inspired devices gnawing at brain tumours; machines working tirelessly as hospital helpers; the future is now.


The AIDS heroine: Prof Francoise Barre-Sinoussi talks about HIV research

The professor who won a Nobel prize for her part in the discovery of HIV says it is now her duty to get researchers working together to treat and prevent the disease.