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In Paris, cars forced to make way for the two-wheel revolution

With the wind rushing through their hair, they zip past on bikes, electric scooters and mono-wheels, effortlessly passing lines of hot-and-bothered drivers stuck in the endless Paris traffic.

Electric scooters zip into traffic chaos in Latin America

Electric scooters promised to revolutionise transportation in Latin America’s traffic-clogged, smog-choked cities, but critics say they have only added to the free-wheeling chaos.

E-scooters: a transport ‘tsunami’ flooding cities worldwide

They appeared in June last year as Paris was waking up from its annual all-night Festival of Music: hundreds of green-and-black electric scooters dotting the pavements of the capital.

First electric scooter user killed in Paris traffic accident

PARIS (Reuters) - A 25-year-old man on an electric scooter has died after being hit by a van in Paris in the first deadly collision with a vehicle since they appeared on the streets of the French capital a year ago.

Uber, Lyft act to reduce ‘dooring’ injuries to bicyclists in the US

A ride-hailing car swoops into the right lane, double parks and a passenger thrusts open the door as he prepares to jump out. The door strikes a passing bicyclist, throwing her onto the pavement.

Can Bird build a better scooter before it runs out of cash?

A year ago, Bird Rides Inc was flying high – and Silicon Valley was betting that it would keep on climbing.

Paris region to boost cycle commuting with bike parks and e-bikes

The Paris region wants to boost the number of people who cycle to work by investing in new cycle lanes and infrastructure and a subsidised electric bike rental scheme.

How safe is that e-scooter? US hospitals asked to tally injuries

The Atlanta City Council is pushing for new regulations on electric scooters that they hope will lead to more safety requirements for the popular – but some say dangerous – mode of urban transportation.