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Milking market opportunity

CREATIVITY and innovation went a step higher when beverage company Etika Sdn Bhd rolled out its latest milk drink, teaming up with creative agency Dentsu LHS to invent the new brand as well as conceptualise and execute its launch campaign.

Metro News

Stretch and be charged up

A few simple stretches can help you stay energised and keep going for the day.


Balance is key to a healthy life

A balanced diet is vital to enable the body to better absorb nutrients.


Cholesterol no longer a concern: US experts

MIAMI: More butter, anyone? A warning against eating foods high in cholesterol is no longer included in the US government’s draft dietary guidelines for Americans, representing a major shift in policy, officials said Thursday.


Certain carotenoids may help protect the eyes from free radical damage

A boost for the eyes. Some carotenoids have been shown in studies to help protect the lenses retina, and macula against free radical damage.


Mercury in seafood

Two US agencies have updated their advisory on eating seafood for children and women.


New recipe book focuses on quick and healthy meals

FAMOUS for its healthy and convenient canned food, Ayam Brand has launched its first fish and olive oil recipe book.

Eating Out

Places to wine and dine

Enjoy a delicious and nourishing meal at Celestial Court, as master chefs cook up a delightful concoction.


Stress gives you strength

It can take years to get your bones in beautiful shape, buttangible improvements can be measured in just a month, sayresearchers. LEE TSE LING examines that claim and peeks into the lives of several bona fide bone lovers, including Datuk Michelle Yeoh.