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Beggars rescued off the streets

THE Perak Welfare Department and Ipoh City Council have jointly held an operation to “rescue” vagrants and beggars from the streets in Ipoh.

Foreign child beggars playing hide-and-seek with the authorities

THERE seems to be no end to the hide-and-seek game between the authorities and foreign child beggars in Selangor.

Welfare Dept: Most beggars and children resume begging on streets after being released

A MAJORITY of the foreigners caught by the authorities for begging, will return to their old habit after laying off temporarily.

Beggars rounded up in joint raid

IN AN effort to get rid of beggars and those who solicit funds on the streets, the Gombak District Welfare Department organised a joint raid that managed to round up 11 people, including a woman, recently.

Rounding up beggars in Selangor

SELANGOR authorities have rescued 2,326 beggars until October this year and the numbers are not getting any less.

Beggars marring Melaka’s image

MELAKA: There is a growing number of beggars on the streets of Melaka and this is affecting the state’s image and tourism industry, said state Transport, Works and Public Amenities Committee chairman Datuk Mohd Sofi Wahab.

It makes sen-se for festive beggars

Pinang points - Liew Jia Xian A LONG line of people ‘welcomed’ me as I went by motorcycle up the steep road leading to the Jade Emperor Pavilion near the foot of Penang Hill.

Begging for thrills

MANY beggars in Penang are so well padded that in the night markets, they supply loose change to traders.

A new generation comes out to beg

EXCLUSIVE: Children seeking alms along Klang’s busy roads are from refugee families who have been begging for almost half a century.

Many seeking for alms are foreigners, says welfare officer

CRAMMED into a stroller with his legs sticking out, the sleeping boy never moved.