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Foreign beggars outnumber locals seeking alms

KLANG: The number of foreign beggars rounded up in operations statewide was three times higher than the locals.

Don’t be hoodwinked by beggars

GEORGE TOWN: A growing number of beggars are taking advantage of the kindness of locals.

Beggars rescued off the streets

THE Perak Welfare Department and Ipoh City Council have jointly held an operation to “rescue” vagrants and beggars from the streets in Ipoh.

Foreign child beggars playing hide-and-seek with the authorities

THERE seems to be no end to the hide-and-seek game between the authorities and foreign child beggars in Selangor.

Beggars who are richer than the givers

GEORGE TOWN: They may be on the streets seeking alms for a living but these beggars may have more money than the givers, said Penang Social Welfare Department director Said Sidup.

Clear streets of beggars, JB urged

JOHOR BARU: Local and foreign beggars are making good money begging in the streets here but they are painting a bad image of Johor Baru city.

Vientiane to build welfare centres for beggars

Vientiane: The Vientiane social welfare centre is planning to improve its vocational training site for agricultural production to support beggars and people with mental illness who have been found walking around in the capital. According to Vientiane Labour and Social Welfare Divisiontheir numbers are increasing, especially people with mental illnesses.

Beggars making fast bucks at bazaars

JOHOR BARU: Syndicates are cashing in on the generosity of Malaysians by stationing foreign beggars at Ramadan bazaars around the state.

Beggars swarm George Town

GEORGE TOWN: Beggars have turned up in droves in the inner city of George Town to take advantage of the generosity of Muslims during the month of Ramadan.

George Town a hive of activity for beggars during Ramadan month

GEORGE TOWN: Hundreds of beggars from outside Penang and foreign nationals are converging here to take advantage of the generosity of Muslims during the Muslim month of Ramadan.