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Cars could drive themselves sooner than expected after European push

Cars could be driving themselves down the world's streets far sooner than expected, thanks to a change in a global treaty backed by European countries.

Intel wants to drive the development of autonomous vehicles

Being on the inside of the majority of the world's computers clearly isn't enough for the chip maker: it also wants to provide the hardware for the next generation of self-driving cars.

Self-driving cars may hit roads in 2018: Renault-Nissan CEO

Cars that drive themselves could be on the roads four years from now, provided red tape does not get in the way, Carlos Ghosn, head of the Renault-Nissan alliance, said on Tuesday.

Insight: Google, Detroit diverge on road map for self-driving cars

In 2012, a small team of Google Inc engineers and business staffers met with several of the world’s largest car makers, to discuss partnerships to build self-driving cars.

Intelligent cars draw investors to tech stocks

Technology and telecoms firms could be the big winners in a connected car market that may be worth US$50bil (RM160.31bil) over the next decade, luring investors away from traditional automakers.

Automatic parking for the people

A European Union-supported project is trying to take the pain out of parking a car at the airport or train station so that one day soon you'll be able to leave the car to it and head to the check-in desk, rather than the multilevel parking lot.

Robots to up-end the world of work, for good and bad

Robots and artificially intelligent devices will take over many jobs now done by people, and experts are divided as to whether their spread will do human society more good than harm.

GM to offer connected car, automated driving technology in 2016

General Motors Co will introduce in two years its first car that can communicate with other vehicles to help avoid accidents and ease traffic congestion, chief executive Mary Barra said on Sunday.

Citizen oceanographers wanted to monitor high seas

Researchers Wednesday urged sailors to become "citizen oceanographers" and help scientists better understand some of the world's wildest seas where ships and even planes disappear without trace.

Self-driving cars take a small step closer to reality

Audi and GM luxury brand, Cadillac, have both set their sights on bringing autonomous driving features to their cars in 2016.

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