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Say hello to the future cord-cutters of America

On weekdays in the Larsen household, Kirsten, 12, and Soren, 15, get up early and park themselves on the couch before school. But they do not turn on the TV. Instead, the youngsters each pull out their respective phones and fire up YouTube to get a dose of videos.

Latin America smartphones expected to hit 200 million by 2018: study

Latin Americans are jumping into the mobile market at an exploding rate, deploying a projected 200 million smartphones by 2018.

Gadgets in decline as R&D shifts to software and services

Research and development spending by the world's biggest companies is accelerating into software and services while investment in physical products is falling sharply, an annual study by consulting firm PwC has found.

European travel agents defy Internet threat

The doomsayers were 100% certain that the Internet would be the death of travel agents.

Connecting phones in vehicles top concern for US owners: study

New vehicles may run dependably, but the fiddly business of connecting a mobile phone and giving voice commands to cars continue to bother US drivers in the first three years of ownership, according to a survey.

User mistakes aid most cyberattacks, Verizon and Symantec studies show

When a cybersecurity breach hits the news, those most closely involved often have incentive to play up the sophistication of the attack.

Study shows how parents can protect kids from cyber-bullying

An annual study conducted by security software firm McAfee and released this week indicates that parents can play a key role in keeping cyber-bullying to a minimum among teens.

Smartphones and tablets are making TV more popular

The growing popularity and use of smartphones and tablets is making the living room the hub of our digital lives.

iPad tops user satisfaction survey

JD Power's annual study ranks the iPad as the leader in user satisfaction for the second year running.

High-speed Internet prices drop by 50% around the globe

THE price of the average broadband Internet connection around the world has been reduced by more than half in the last two years says new research from the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).