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Food authority picks Asian fine dining as next big thing

La Liste says 2019 will see French gastronomy enjoying a revival in the US and Asian cuisine is being elevated to fine dining.

More are following Caveman diet when ordering take-out

The most popular regime in take-out dining in the United States is the Paleo or Caveman diet, which mimics that of hunter-gatherers.

More people are choosing to eat alone

People are eating alone more than ever, with 30% of European restaurant visits in 2016 made by solo diners.

It's fake but more people will be eating this in 2017

People are beginning to notice the health and environmental perils of red meat and are increasingly turning to faux meat.

We drank more cider, tequila and premium whisky last year

According to a new global trend report, we drank more cider, premium tequila and whisky last year and less wine, vodka, rum, cognac, brandy and beer.

The Internet is really curious about this giant Malaysian fruit

In a new report Google reveals its top food searches of the last two years.

Second 'gin craze' sweeps London

Gin is shaking off its fusty image to enjoy a revival led by the capital London, which has seen a boom in distilleries and dedicated bars.

Subway makes move to switch to antibiotic-free chicken

The restaurant chain has announced plans to serve antibiotic-free chicken across its US restaurants by 2016.

Europe's largest whisky tasting event set to open its doors

Paris, better known for its wine culture, is set to host Europe’s largest whisky and spirit tasting show.

Canadians prefer Californian wine over French vin

Canada now largest export market for wines from its southerly neighbour.