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'Lover': Taylor Swift's joyous love letter to love itself

The superb new 18-track 'Lover' finds Taylor Swift looking backward and forward through the lens of love – both present and absent, lustfully and wistfully, friendly and concerned. She calls it a "love letter to love itself."

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'Madame X': Madonna's needy, trying-too-hard mess of an album

The shape-shifting Queen of Pop has missed badly with Madame X, a needy, trying-too-hard mess of an album that sounds like Madonna threw up on Madonna.


Are critics trying to 'Kill This Love' for Blackpink?

Some people are only too happy to kill others' love for K-pop darlings Blackpink. Seizing on any issue, their criticisms have put the quartet and their followers on the defensive.

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'Kill This Love': BlackPink's new album kills it... barely

Album review: 'Kill This Love' may easily pass off as every girl’s breakup anthem for now. But if you were expecting a stronger flavour of BlackPink, you will be left disappointed.

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'Map Of The Soul: Persona': BTS win some and lose some

'Map Of The Soul: Persona' sees the boys of BTS at the most fun they have ever sounded. But as the K-pop phenomenon continues their global ascent to the top, the K-pop element is unfortunately watered down.

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'Lips On Lips': Tiffany Young delivers good pop with bad enunciation

K-pop star Tiffany Young (of Girls' Generation) serves catchy pop with bad enunciation on her US debut EP 'Lips On Lips'.

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‘Weezer (The Teal Album)': Weezer, the karaoke album

What do you expect from a record that was born from an Internet meme? Just think of this as Weezer: The Karaoke Album, and you’ll enjoy this a lot more.

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'The Pen Is Mightier': Kyoto Protocol is ready to soar higher

Kyoto Protocol's latest album 'The Pen Is Mightier' has the band sounding fresher and more expressive, as if free of the pressure of seven years of history they had to live up to with the first album.