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#Abidinideas 07 Sep 2020 | 7:00 AM

Embracing the Rukun Negara

IN Seremban on Aug 31 this year, there were no schoolchildren waving flags, no uniformed officers performing perfectly synchronised salutes, no platoons of rifle-spinning soldiers, no giant Jalur Gemilang held preciously yet tautly by trusted hands, no daredevil acrobatics through fiery hoops by special forces, no fleets of ambulances or fire trucks, no rumbling of PT-91M tanks with their crew turning as their turrets pass the royal dais, no spirited shouts of “kiri, kiri, kiri kanan kiri” from NGO leaders unused to military precision, no flag-bearing daredevils chosen more for their parachuting skills than their interest in vexillology, and no demonstrations of silat or silambam by fearless kids ready to use their skills against a real enemy of the nation.

Along The Watchtower 02 Sep 2020 | 7:00 AM

Young voices speak up for change

COMPARED with their counterparts in Thailand, youth in Malaysia are still a long way from playing a meaningful role in pushing for better democracy and governance. The few young MPs we have are part of the stultifying political order, which has remained largely unchanged.