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New film 'Wira' kicks into high gear with its action sequences

Actors Hairul Azreen and Fify Azmi show their physical prowess in Adrian Teh's groundbreaking action flick, 'Wira', set to open in cinemas on Nov 21.

Hairul Azreen fights Indonesian action star Yayan Ruhian in 'Wira' trailer

Director Adrian Paskal goes all out with the action sequences in his upcoming film Wira after Paskal. Wira open in cinemas nationwide on Nov 21.

‘John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum’: Murder, he rote

John Wick shows the (under)world why he deserves the label, but also proves that he’s not the sharpest sword in the armoury.

'Paskal' director explores more military action in his next film

Adrian Teh, who has met great success telling the story of Paskal in Paskal The Movie, is ready to tackle another military action flick with Wira.

‘Wiro Sableng’: Fantasy epic with bad jokes & paper thin plot

Nice visuals can’t elevate this film from being a run-of-the-mill fantasy flick, which is based on Indonesian novels revolving around a warrior named Wiro.